Tuesday, 4 December 2012

beautiful doll :D

A few days ago my mum orded a doll.The doll came with a bunny and I think
the bunny is very cute. I like the doll alot because you can take of the glasses and you can take of the shoes. It is my favourite doll ever.

Monday, 5 November 2012

My new dress

Today my mum made me a new dress. It is pink with flowers on it. My mum also made a scrunchy with it. I am very happy with my new dress that my mum made.

My mum also made a ribbon at the back to tie it. This is my favourite dress that I have had and it is very comfortable. Here are some pictures. Thank you for listening to my blog post.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

My new Blythe Doll Design

Today my mum printed a few pictures.  They were Blythe dolls. My mum printed  the Blythe dolls so I could design some Blythes.

I really like the doll that I came up with.  I came up with three Blythe dolls.  The first doll I made was called Orange Blossom.  The second one was called Simply Stripey Stripe.  The third one that I made was called Simply Spotty Spot.

My brother was begin silly because I scribbled out a Blythe doll and he said that I should call that Blythe doll Scribble Me Wiggle. I thought it was a very funny name but my sister didn't.

The reason that I like Simply Stripey Stripe the best is because of all of her stripes and her lovely headband.  I don't have a computer picture of Simply Spotty Spot or Orange Blossom but I still have a picture of Simply Stripey Stripe.  I designed it all myself and my mum drew it on the computer for me.

I like the headband because the ribbon on its headband looks like a flag.                                                               

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Animated me

Today I made an animated doll on my website.  My doll has really  cute eyes which are brown. I chose a nice small mouth. I also chose a little bunny rabbit . It was jumping from one side to the other side.  I also chose some nice clothes and a strawberry headband.

I chose a nice rainbow background. I think the doll looks a bit like me. You can see the picture of it at the top right of my blog.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

The awesome tree :D

A couple days ago I found a really awesome tree. In the tree then you could make rooms. We made 8 rooms. There was even a branch that looped around which we pretended was.... the toilet! I really liked the kitchen because there was two branches. One of them you could sit on, and the other was used for the benchtop. There was also a TV room and my brother kept on acting like he was the person on TV. Its my favourite tree
i have ever seen.

The balcony was my favourite room because it had such a nice view when you stood on the top. My sister, my brother, and me all had a bedroom. My bedroom is the closest to the entrance of the tree and its easy to go on. The study is underneath the balcony. Theres also
a shower thats in another tree nearby. There is also another shower under the tree. We also had a pretend sponge to clean the dishes and a pretend dishwashing liquid.

Friday, 20 July 2012

My Crazy Hairstyle

Do you like my hairstyle?
My mum made it one day when we were going to the park. She got it from a website called princesshairstyles.com. What I like about it most is how the spikes are actually spiky, and how the braids cross over.

Now that hairstyle is my favourite hairstyle I have ever had. Now I want that hairstyle for ice skating all the time. I want to have that hairstyle a lot.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Birthday Cookies

On my birthday my mum made me cookies for my class. She made 3 for each person.There was a fox, a tree and a mushroom. We wrapped it with cellophane and tied it with ribbon. We put a lollypop in the ribbon. Some people liked how the cookies looked.